THE You've been followed here. We're all in danger. FILES   You're being watched.
by Untrue News paranoia editor Hyman Hayden**

How did you find us?

The time draws near... keep looking.

Subliminal Influences - Your Mind at Risk

What is really in those plug-in room fresheners?  Can you think of a better way to control people's minds than with drugs vaporized into the air IN YOUR OWN HOME?   What happens after you plug one in and your room is filled with the delightful aroma of peach blossom? 

 Let me tell you what happens.  You decide you want to watch television.  It's mind control aroma that pushes you towards the mind control box.  Oh they've got you, alright.  After an evening of subliminal TV messages (not in the ads but within the programs themselves) and the continuous inhalation of vaporized mind control drugs, there is no question that you are softened up enough to be a super-patsy for the DURABLE GOODS--ENTERTAINMENT--MEDICAL conspiracy.

Once the conspiracy is in power, prices for everything will go up by 150% and everyone's water will be fluoridated.  Movies will get even worse than they are now, and doctors will do the same.  Vow today that you will watch less television, and above all, NO PLUG-IN FRAGRANCE FRESHENER ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOUSE.   

Once you are under their control, it's way too late.  

-- H.H.    

The time draws near... keep looking.

Connect the dots. Trust no-one.

(**NOTE: Hyman Haydenis a member of the Paranoid Alliance for Personal Protection (PAPP) and is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.)

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